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What To Do After Cutting Down Your Tree

After removing your tree, most people are left with the question: well now what? What's next? For some people, it is removing the stump that might have been left. The way you can do this is by either paying more to get the tree stump removed or doing it yourself. You are able to do this by:

The Mechanical Way

Using a stump grinder, chainsaw, a shovel, and safety gear you will be able to remove the stump. However when using this method you must be cautious as these tools can be highly dangerous

The Chemical Way

In this method you start off by removing as much as you can of the stump using a chainsaw. After this you drill holes into the flat surface of the stump and on the side. Lastly all you have to do is pour chemical potassium nitrate into each hole, filling them with water as well. After 4-6 weeks the stump will be completely moist and could be easily removed.

The Burning Way

Simply use fuel to burn the stump and then remove the remnants using an axe or shovel.

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