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Tree Damage -- How to Avoid it!

Many times, we are oblivious to practices that we utilize around trees that can damage them and potentially cause inadvertent damage to our homes. Cutting under a tree's crown can reduce the life of the tree. Trees can easily fall during a storm if their roots have been cut too close to the trunk. Using staking that is excessive to support a tree for a long time can help in developing an abnormal trunk and damage the trees' growth. Guying a tree to provide wind protection is a good practice for a young tree on a temporary basis only. Using it for extended periods of time can damage the bark, or cause the tree to become too top heavy.

Using screws or nails to install items on the trees can damage them as it makes the tree vulnerable to insect infestation through the nail holes. It also enables the tree to be exposed to diseases. Even tying your pet to the trunk of the tree can cause weakness in the base of the trunk. If these foreign objects are there permanently, the tree will continue to grow around the objects and can pose a danger at a later date when trimming is required. Additionally, if the bark, which is the first line of defense of the tree, falls off, it too will be exposed to insects and diseases. The bark is where the cells of the tree divide and increase the girth of the tree, if this is jeopardized, the circumference of the tree will be impacted. Power lines that are too close or cut across your trees' leaves can also damage them.

Cutting branches and pruning your tree during the wrong season can be very harmful. Depending on where you live and the weather there, it is imperative that pruning allows sufficient time for the trees to heal and have a change to build up nutrients before the change of season.

Many times we see people trying to protect their trees by wrapping them in plastic to protect them from damage when mowing lawns, but in fact this hurts the tree as it will strangle it by limiting it from the necessary moisture. Instead, utilizing mulch around it will give it the necessary protection from weeds and weed whackers as well as the required moisture. But be aware, placing mulch too close to the trunk will also hurt it, it will suffocate it since it covers the roots. Make sure that the mulch is at least six to twelve inches away from the base of the trunk.

Taking care of your tree for a long life is important, as well as the safety of your home and loved ones that live around the trees. Consult your tree experts for more personalized information. Contact us today if you have any questions -- JP Tree Works, Inc.

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