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To Plant a Tree or not to Plant a Tree

Gardening versus planting a tree is a decision that many make year after during the start of warm weather. Gardening brings many benefits to the aesthetics of our yard. Perhaps color, variety of plants and even food. It also brings other creatures, some, small, crawly, others, fast and versatile.

Planting trees takes on various routes; translating seedlings or the transplantation of a grown tree. Will you use a balled-and bur-lapped (B&) tree or a potted tree? When planting trees one must consider the space for the planting hole, watering and use of backfill, mulch, of staking, and fertilizing. Furthermore, one must know how to actually grasp the B&B tree when planting it and the difference of lifting the potted tree from its container. Once never wants to handle a tree by its leaves, stems, trunk or branches.

For both decision, trees or gardens, one has to make plans around spacing, duration of plant, time available to take care of the plant, and of course weather and conditions of the soil. One has to consider the desire look and feel of the garden.

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